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Immigration Reform Legislation: Whatever Happened to Zero Population Growth?

From: Dave S., San Francisco, CA
Category: Miscellaneous Topics
Date: 18 May 2013
Time: 13:00:08 -0700
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The whole immigration issue has been portrayed as how the US needs immigrants, legal and otherwise, as workers.  This is not at all the case. The real reason is because the Baby Boomers are dying off and all the expansion bubbles of the Boomer Era are now at risk.  It's a smokescreen for the GROW, GROW, GROW mentality that the economic system needs to exist in its current form.  With a near-stagnant population, who's going to buy all those overbuilt houses?  Who's going to fill all those overbuilt shopping centers?  Who's going to keep opening those bank accounts at overbuilt banks?  Who's going to buy all those overbuilt cars?  Who's going to go to those overbuilt restaurants?  The easy solution is to flood the US with ANYBODY, so long as they SPEND, SPEND, SPEND!  The hard solution is to devise a system that doesn’t need insane growth policies to keep the economy viable.  The US has a current population of approx 310 million.  Do YOU want to live in this country when the population reaches 1 billion –like China and India?  I sure as hell don’t!  Whatever happened to ZERO POPULATION GROWTH?


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